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We learned early on that you are only as good as the product you sell.  If it breaks or has to be replaced often it is not worth the hassle no matter how good someone says it is.  Tech support from the factory has to be fast and efficient to help save us time and you money. What happens if a product fails?  We test each product and program it in our facilities so hopefully we catch it before we take it to your home.  But, if one gets by us, the factory will send us a new one for us to install.  What about out of warranty product we sell?  Depending upon the problem we will fix it here or we might have to send it to the factory for repair.  The nice thing is, we make sure the products we sell will last by using them ourselves.


The heart of any automation system is the Processor (Brain).  Processing speed and the programing of the project file will determine how quickly it responds.  Using sub systems that control and operate independently for Lighting, Climate, Security, Surveillance, Music and other devices allow the processor to send communication only when needed.

Automation systems we sell are Elan, Control4, Russound and Coming Soon.

Some of Our Manufactures

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