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The Design Stage

The design stage is the most critical part of the process.  Design and documentation brings all of the electronic control elements together -- equipment selection, location, user control, and budget.  Depending upon the complexity of the design, Sight & Sound can use blue prints that will be used to map out speaker and control locations, TVs, WiFi, theater design and required framing.  The drawings are then used to layout cabling for each device to provide a map for the installation team.  These drawings also provide the needed information to your builder, cabinet maker, and electrician.  A detailed proposal, will be provided.  It identifies each room, and its selected electronics to ensure there are no surprises at the end of your project.

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Pre-wire & Installation

Once the design stage is complete, knowledgeable installers will meet you at your home to review locations for the product.   Proper wire will be pulled for each each piece of the project.   Your selected equipment will be ordered, testing and programming will began before being installed into your home. Once the sheet rock and cabinets are in we will start trimming out the wires, wall plates and installing speakers and keypads.    When you are close to moving in, to avoid theft, we will start installation of your equipment.   When completed we will walk you thru the operation of your system and make any changes to the programming to make it personally fit you. 

Right Tools & Training

Having the Right Tools and Training will make calibrating a projector, surround sound processor or programing your control system to its full potential. Training is required for almost everything we sell. Most certifications require us to travel to the manufactures training facilities. We do this to stay up to date and provide you with the latest products.

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With over 30 years, that is not combined years, in the Treasure Valley means we must be doing something right. We believe it is our service, during and after the installation. When we install product we do so to make it look and work great for you but also serviceable for us. When we come to your home we remove our shoes, lay down blankets where we will be working, and we leave our tool belts in the trucks. Sometimes the simple solution for repair can be done right from the phone. We provide phone support as another affordable option. We provide 24 hour monitoring of most equipment with systems designed to restart network modems and routers if they need their cache reset. 

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