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Automation Systems

Automation VS Control

Automation takes the monotonous everyday task and does it for you.  Walk thru out the house, lights turn on in a room you enter and off in the room you left.  Your favorite music plays in the rooms you are in.  Heating and air conditioning changes temperature when no one is in the room.  Your home can turn the irrigation system off when it rains and turn it back on when needed. It can communicate to you letting you know if there is a water leak and where.  It can shut the main water value off.  It can let you know when there is a guest at the front door.


I am not saying most control system can't do this, but it would take weeks and weeks of programming.  With the New Coming Soon system it writes most of the programming for us, making it affordable for you.  It allows us to make changes so we can modify it to your personal preferences.  We have seen it and are now using it, once it passes our testing we will make it available to you.

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