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Control Systems

Take "Control" of your home. Let your home tell you what is going on while you’re away. Your home can send you Text messages telling you when the kids have come home or when house-cleaners arrive. When a guest rings the doorbell you will get a message so you can answer the doorbell or dismiss it. Want to turn down the heat or turn lights on/off while you're away? No problem. Use your smart phone to check the status of your home with a simple app. Now you can turn off lights, control the thermostat and even set the Alarm without having to return home. Eliminate wall clutter by using a control system. No more need for an alarm panel, fan switch, music panel, and three or four light switches. If you want to "control" something we can make it happen.

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Apps:  Control4, Elan, Russound, Sonos, Coming Soon, and more

Touch Screens and Wall Pads: Control4, Elan, Russound,  Lutron

 Cameras:  ELAN, Panasonic, Wirepath and others                      


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