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Conference Room

Your Company's Conference room and/or training center tells everyone that enters a great deal about your company.  It reflects the organizational skills, technological tenor -- even the financial well-being of your company.  It also tells your client how important they are to you. 

A Conference Room or Training Center should show your creativity and be helpful in relaying good information to your client.  If you want to display a computer on a projection screen or video conference with your team across the world we can do that.  We have worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the greater Treasure Valley.  Look at our photo gallery highlighting some of our projects, and then let's meet and determine you what you can do.  Again, systems large and small -- we do them all.


Controls Systems:  Control4, Elan, Keydigital and others
Tables and Cabinets:  (custom made) CBH or pre-built by Mayline, DMI, Global and more
Chairs: Hon, Mayline and more
Touchscreen overlays: Touch Window
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