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Who is Sight & Sound by design?

Sight & Sound began operations in 1989 and quickly became one the top installers in the country.  We have worked on homes in Idaho, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Wyoming.  There is no one in Idaho who knows more about the industry than Sight & Sound or anyone with a better reputation.  We understand what can be done and what should not.  If you want a Company that has turned Dreams into Reality then you have come to the right place.

We Look Forward to Working with You!

What Should an Audio/Video Integrator Provide?

  • Customized solutions: Every Home has different AV needs, and your AV integrator should be able to provide more than one solution to address your individual AV needs.

  • Design services: The AV integrator should provide a design that is specific to your home or office, cost-effective, and clearly communicates solutions.

  • Ongoing support: An AV integrator should provide ongoing technical support and service after the installation to ensure your system continues to run smoothly.

  • Proven experience: Any potential candidate for an AV integrator should have a history of successful projects to share and proven experience in the industry and in your area.

  • Current technologies: Your AV integrator should offer the latest high-quality technologies and have the ability to adapt them to your system and specific electronics needs.

  • Excellence in customer service: The AV integrator should have plenty of testimonials to share that  show a commitment to excellent customer service.

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

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